Main operating areas: fixed-line, mobile and wireless telecommunications engineering; specialized technical solutions and general infrastructures for telecommunications networks, transportation and defence & security; cable TV operations



In the telecommunications and systems area, Visabeira Global’s activities range from the design to the construction, installation and maintenance of fixed-line, mobile and wireless telecommunications networks, as well as of systems and equipments in the transportation and defence and security sectors. From the start, the company has focused on the internationalization of its services, with strong partnerships in France, India and Germany, among others. In Angola and Mozambique, Visabeira Global is the market leader in the TV, internet and voice telecommunications sector, with a growing fibre-optic network. The company is also the only triple play operator in both countries.


Constructel - Construtions et Télécommunications, SA


ZAD de Morlon, 2-1
Rue Jean Baptiste Corot
26800 Portes Les Valence


T. +33 475 555 493
F. +33 475 557 005


Constructel GmbH


Plauener Straße 163-165
Haus 7G, 10G
13053 Berlin


T. (+030) 343 956 28



Constructel Romania


Str. Alecu Russo 24-26, ap. 4
020523 Bucuresti


T. +40 21-230 55 17
F. +40 21-230 55 16



Constructel Domenican Republic


Malécon Center
Av. George Washington 500, 4º
Santo Domingo - 10104
Dominican Republic


T. +001 809 238 5781
F. +001 809 412 7607



Constructel Belgium


Rue des Sandrinettes, 31
7033 Cuesmes


T. +32 65 22 11 30
F. +32 65 22 14 70



Constructel Portugal


3504-511 Viseu


T. +351 232 483 000
F. +351 232 483 100



Constructel Portugal


Escritório Lisboa
Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho, nº 78
1700-031 Lisboa


T. +351 218 429 970
F. +351 218 496 731




Viatel is the leading company in Portugal in the telecommunications networks engineering sector. Its scope of operation includes fixed-line and mobile networks, systems and all types of technological infrastructures, with a strong focus in the commercial area, oriented to the D2D business and residential market in the telecommunications sector.

Viatel - Tecnologia de Comunicações, SA

Rua do Palácio do Gelo, nº1
Palácio do Gelo Shopping, piso 3
3500-606 Viseu, Portugal

T. +351 232 483 000
F. +351 232 483 100

TVCabo Moçambique

Operating in the Mozambican market since the year 2000, TVCABO Moçambique is the result of a partnership with TDM. A digital television and broadband internet provider, the company is a paramount operator – the only, so far, with a triple play offer in the country and also a pioneer in the installation of fibre-optic networks.

TVCABO Moçambique, Lda

Av. dos Presidentes, nº 68
Caixa Postal 4268
Maputo, Moçambique

T. 21480 550
T. 820 480 500
F. 214 80 501

TVCabo Angola

Born from a partnership with Angola Telecom, TVCABO Angola operates in the Angolan market since 2006, establishing itself as a leading provider in the telecommunications sector through a modern bi-directional digital network. The company is the only operator in Angola to offer a triple play service and a diverse choice of HD channels.

TVCABO Angola, Lda

Travessa N’ Gola M’ Bandi,
Bairro da Madeira,
Luanda - Angola

T. +244 222 680 002
F. +244 222 680 001


Constructel specializes in the building and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructures with integrated services. The company’s portfolio includes the construction and maintenance of energy infrastructures. Constructel also has proven expertise in the wireless networking and wireless solutions sectors and a global reach in fixed-line and next generation networks.

Comatel Infraestruturas, Lda

Comatel provides global solutions in telecommunications systems, fixed-line and mobile networks, the electricity area and complementary services. The company focuses its activities on internal and structured networks, access networks projects, and the construction of public and private networks and transmission networks, providing turnkey solutions.

Comatel Infraestruturas, Lda - Construção e Manutenção de Sistemas de Telecomunicações, Lda

Bairro dos CTT, KM 7
Munícipio do Rangel
Luanda - Angola

T. +244 222 680 040
F. +244 222 680 041


Gatel specializes in the engineering of telecommunication networks, also providing services in the electricity area, namely in industrial electrical networks and electrical networks in road and rail tunnels.

Gatel - Groupment des Artisans pour la Télécommunication, S.A.S.

ZA La Sage
73330 Domessin - France

T. +33 4 76 31 26 90
F. +33 4 76 31 26 91


A leading company in the area of telecommunications networks engineering in Mozambique, Televisa was born from a 50% partnership with the main Mozambican public operator, TDM. Its activities cover fixed-line and next generation networks, as well as the mobile networks and wireless solutions sectors, ranging from the installation to the supervision of the entire project.

Televisa Moçambique - Sociedade Técnica de Obras e Projectos, Lda

Av. dos Presidentes
1750 Maputo - Moçambique

T. (+258) 21 480 600
F. (+258) 21 417 772


PDT – Projectos de Telecomunicações specializes in fixed-line and mobile telecommunications networks and railway transport networks, investing in the continuous certification of its technicians, in order to provide customers with the best services.

PDT - Projectos de Telecomunicações, SA

Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho, nº 76
1700 - 031 Lisboa - Portugal

T. (+351) 218 429 970
F. (+351) 218 496 731

M. J. Quinn Integrated Services

M. J. Quinn Integrated Services provide design, installation and maintenance of telecoms, mechanical, electrical, fire detection and suppression systems, LED Lighting, Air Cooling and building services. Our services cover a customer base across transport, retail, commerce, public services, education and hospitality.

M. J. Quinn Integrated Services

Oak House, Overbrook Lane,
Knowsley Business Park,
Liverpool L34 9FB
T. 0151 547 8800
F. 0151 547 8801


Tofthansen is a construction company founded in 2002 by merging the two companies of Thomas Toft and Henrik Hansen. The company started with minor digging tasks and contracts. Throughout the early 2000’s, the company grew progressively, and in 2006 it really took off, starting with digging work. Today, Tofthansen employs 20-25 employees.



Tofthansen ApS
Landevejen 52
4060 Kirke Såby
CVR nr. 26855802


Rua do Palácio do Gelo, nº1
Palácio do Gelo Shopping, piso 3
3500-606 Viseu, Portugal

T. +351 232 483 000 (chamada para rede fixa nacional)

GPS. 40.643952,-7.911135

Lisbon Offices

Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho, 78

1700-031 Lisboa - Portugal

T. +351 218 429 970 (chamada para rede fixa nacional)

GPS. 38.7529769,-9.1311277

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