About Us

About Us

Visabeira started its activity in 1980 in the telecommunications and energy sectors, providing network engineering services, including network production, installation, management and maintenance. The company quickly became a market leader, still holding that status three decades later.


Visabeira SGPS, S.A. holding was born from the company’s success in these areas, as well as from corporate diversification in other segments. The holding was closely associated with an international expansion strategy, which has exponentially expanded its product and service portfolio.


The dimension reached by Visabeira Group led the holding to structure its companies into five sub-holdings.


Visabeira Global sub-holding brings together companies in the areas of telecommunications, energy, technology and construction, creating relevant synergies and optimizing their operational capacity, often through complementary activities.


  • Telecommunications: engineering of fixed-line and mobile networks and cable TV and fibre-optic operations.
  • Energy: production, distribution and services.
  • Technology: development, integration and information and management of communication systems.
  • Construction: project development, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures.


Currently operating with local companies in ten countries, Visabeira Global is a premium partner to several global operators, such as Ericsson, Huawei, Orange and Deutsche Telekom, both for its own competencies across the different value chains and its capacity to integrate different fields of expertise, representing a benchmark for competitiveness, modernity and innovation in the global market.

Board of Directors

Nuno Miguel Rodrigues Terra Marques

 President of the Board of Directors

António José Monteiro Borges

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Alexandra da Conceição Lopes

Member of the Board of Directors

Luís Monteiro Marques

Member of the Board of Directors

António Carlos Ferreira Rocha Perpétua

Member of the Board of Directors

Jorge Manuel Ferreira Guimarães Sousa

Member of the Board of Directors

José Paulo Gomes Tomás da Costa

Member of the Board of Directors

Fernando Tenreiro Marques

Member of the Board of Directors

Luís Miguel Figueiredo

Member of the Board of Directors

Our presence in the World


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Lisbon Offices

Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho, 78

1700-031 Lisboa - Portugal

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